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What is Demo Day?

Student led project presentations every Saturday at 2PM EST live on Facebook. All past Demo Days are recorded and saved on YouTube and shared below.

How to watch?

We broadcast Demo Days live on facebook at

How can me and my  family participate?

If your kids have a friend at WEquil School then they are welcome to join!


Parents from anywhere are welcome to ask questions and share comments on Facebook that we will share live with the students. We also host guest speakers! 

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Genomics is an emerging technology that allows us to sequence and even edit our genes! Students talk about how it works, risks, how it has been curing genetic diseases and more!

Past Demo Days

Personality Types

At this week's demo day, students talk about their personality types, comparing personality types, whether or not personality tests work, and more!

Music Composition

At this week's demo day, students present their song that they've composed and discuss with our Guest Speaker James Fernando.

App Building

At this week's demo day, students present the apps that they've built in flutter, a programming language developed by Google.

More coming soon!

Where can I see the projects presented at Demo Day?

All projects presented at demo day are posted on students project on the students page.

Can I request Demo Day topics?

All students and parents at WEquil School can have buy-in on future demo day topics. 

How do I become a guest speaker on Demo Day?

If you are interested in becoming a guest speaker on demo day, contact us at