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Creative Intelligence

What is Creative Intelligence?

Creative Intelligence is the ability to create something that is novel and useful. This skill allows you to leverage your interests to create value in ways that are also fun and enjoyable. For example: comedy routines, creative writing, artwork, composing music, and more!


In todays world with the power of software, the ability to create something new and valuable can scale to the world and can sustain people financially. Jobs without creativity are being automated away, so the skills of imagination and creation need to be part of education.


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The Creative Learning Process

The Creative Learning Process is a three step process we use to help students find project ideas stemming from their interest. It is a great first step to developing your Creative Intelligence!

Creative Intelligence
What is Creative Intelligence

This video explains what creative intelligence is, how to come up with creative project ideas and example of creative intelligence projects you can get started with.

Project Based Learning Series
Project Based Learning Series

Our Project Based Learning Series features some of our best projects as examples for different pillars of intelligence. Check out the Creative Intelligence projects for ideas!

Project Examples

Example projects demonstrating and building core intelligence.

Make a Difference.png
Make A Difference

A short documentary showing how we made a small difference helping crabs on the beach!

Adventures of Stuffy McLu

A project from the perspective of a stuffed bear recalling it's favorite adventures.

Adventure in Your Own Backyard.png
Backyard Adventure

A fun project on sledding in our backyard that teaches video editing and reflecting on experiences.

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The "Serious" Playlist

A series of comedy videos created by the founders of WEquil School that are super "Serious."

Compose Your Own Music.png
Compose Music

Create something new and useful by composing your own music and sharing it with others!

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The Curse

A short story published on Kindle by Aila the CEO of WEquil School. Cover drawn by a student named Mina.

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