Core Foundation - Level 0

WEquil.School students begin by learning about core foundational skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics so that they have the tools to create projects that add value to others. (Best viewed on a desktop)


5 Paragraph Framework

How we teach kids to write essays, stories, and synthesized learning.

WEquil Community

Connect and collaborate with other WEquil Families!

Learn to Love Learning

Complete projects related to your interests. 

Member Resources

Visit the WEquil home page to find information on demo days, and synthesized learning. 

Member Created Resources


Khan Academy

Complete k-12 resource for all core subjects. Especially useful for learning math.


Coursera is a platform that offers high level classes and microdegrees. 

Mrs Evelyn Educates

WEquil.School is partnering with Mrs Evelyn to provide paid tutoring services for students that need extra help.