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Core Intelligence

What is Core Intelligence?

Core Intelligence is the basic skills that are required such as math fundamentals, reading and writing skills. While project based learning can also be applied in these subjects, we also recognize that there are certain basics and fundamentals that need to be covered.


Luckily there are many online resources that provide services for learning these for free! Here we will list some projects, resources and classes we provide to help young people develop their core intelligence.


Khan Academy Logo
Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an amazing free platform that provides full math curriculums for each grade level all the way up to college level algebra and calculus as well as SAT Prep.

WEquil School Math Program
WEquil School Math Program

Included in WEquil School's Accelerator Program, we help students use Khan Academy to efficiently go through all the math material with the goal of getting a high SAT score.

Five Paragraph Framework Thumbanail
The Five Paragraph Framework

The Five Paragraph Framework is a structure we use for students learning how to write essays. We find this helps to simplify the process and structure their thinking. Learn more by clicking the image.

Project Examples

Example projects demonstrating and building core intelligence.

Math with Google Sheets.png
Math with Google Sheets

A simple game using calculations in Google Sheets demonstrating why you shouldn't fear rejection.

Utility Functions
Utility Functions

A project with functions calculating happiness to show different strategies for increasing happiness.

Math at WEquil school
Math at WEquil School

Learn how we use project based learning to apply math in real ways in the real world.

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