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Book Club

The book club is for kids that enjoy reading books! Here you can share the books you like, read together, and discuss the books you have read. It is at 1:00 every Monday.

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Young Authors Club

This club is for kids that enjoy writing creative stories! Here we share our stories,  give feedback, and encourage others to keep on writing! Kids can also engage with each other on a story and write together! The meetings are every Friday at 11:00.

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Minecraft club

At the Minecraft club you can play Minecraft with other kids and share the things you created! To participate go to The Minecraft club meetup is at 1:00 every Friday! 

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Debate Club

Our debate club encourages constructive and fruitful discussions so kids of all ages can improve their communication and critical thinking skills. 

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Ice skating

Do your kids enjoy ice skating? If so, you can join us at the Fairfax Ice Arena every Wednesday at 11:00am. For only $4 per person! Meet other kids that love ice skating and improve your skating skills!

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Art club

Do your kids like making art? If so this club is the one for you! The art club is where kids can share the art they created, make art, and improve your art skills by learning from others! The meetings are every Tuesday at 2:00.

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Potter heads club

The potter heads club is for kids that like Harry Potter! Here you can show your Harry Potter creations and talk about it! We have in person potter head meetups! To learn more join. the potter heads room on The next Potter Head meetup is TBD

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