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... for beginners through advanced applications.


Begin programming by building games and stories with drag and drop code modules.

Wednesday 10am EST


Learn Java through Minecraft, the object-oriented programming language.

Friday 2pm & 3pm


Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Mon-Thu 9am


Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.


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Khan Academy

Complete k-12 resource for all core subjects. Especially useful for learning math.


Beckett DeVille, Member

Lead Scratch Instructor

  • Build games and interactive stories with zero prior coding experience.

  • Upload them to a website to share with others.

  • Learn basic programming skills such as do loops and if/then/else statements.

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Benny Florendo, Member

Lead Java Instructor

  • Learn Java basics while playing Minecraft.

  • Understand object oriented programming basics.

  • Apply Java outside of base Minecraft by building custom data packs.

  • Prepare for app building.

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Aila WEquil, Co-Founder

Head of Community Outreach

  • Learn Flutter App Building, built on Dart, an object oriented language like Java.

  • Develop simple custom apps that can be used for web design, iPhone + Android.

  • Create games, tools, and even startup ideas.


Sumay WEquil, Co-Founder

Chief Executive Officer

  • Python is one of the fastest most versatile languages in the world.

  • Learn to automate basic tasks typically done in spreadsheets.

  • Apply data analytical tools like visualization through graphs.

  • Apply basic machine learning models and methods.

WEquil.School students are encouraged to develop a high degree of digital intelligence including basic knowledge of programming and use of technology to improve themselves and help others.

Member Created Resources

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