It takes a village ...

... we are all students and teachers

Talking to Kids
Talking to Kids

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Talking to Kids
Talking to Kids

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Guest Speakers
Mentors & Teachers
Professional Fellowship

Adult membership at WEquil.School

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Austin and Amy

Community Leaders

Sponsored our LifeSchool Demo Day ... helping our families turn life events into powerful learning opportunities.



Guest Speaker, Advisor

Guest speaker on our Mathematics and Engineering Demo Day ... helping our families learn math is everywhere.



Advisor, Flutterista

Helped design our virtual classrooms so our families can teach anything from anywhere.



Community Leader

Creates project ideas to help our young students discover new interests and create value for others.

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Chief Technology Office

Leads a team of professional developers to scale WEquil.School using Flutter, Python, and Machine Learning.

... collaborate with others

... teach your passion

... build a solution

... cultivate curiosity

... lead by example

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  1. Community Leaders ... the power of shared principles

WEquil.School is free ... but highly selective to ensure that we grow a diverse and wholesome environment for our members. Our Community Leaders help our leadership team to achieve our mission. We trust our Community Leaders because they all consistently demonstrate share the three shared principles of WEquil Group. Our Community Leaders set the standard for kindness, collaboration, and empowering our young people to do Big Things like start a company, create a TV show, and teach their own class!

2.   Innovators ... the power of ideas

WEquil.School is attracting brilliant and creative minds from places like a Professor from Harvard Medical School, top developers from Google, and teachers from High Tech High. A big reason for that is our students ... who are launching startups, publishing research on genomics technology, and creating mobile applications. You are a key ingredient to their success ... and in return we help you showcase your story, latest book, and company to the world.

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3.   Developers ... the power of self-directed collaboration

WEquil.School gives all its employees complete freedom to direct their work in the way that works best for them. We can do this because our developers, which include technologists, teachers, data scientists and a wide range of other professionals are selected for and evaluated by their ability to collaborate and demonstrate value. As part of our team you have the same freedom and follow the same process...because that is how we all achieve equilibium.

4. Teachers ... learn through demonstration

WEquil's Accelerator connects teacher's with WEquil.School members that wish to accelerator their success using our project based + self-directed learning platform. Teachers apply by telling us what classroom they want to serve and approach.


We let our teachers control their own schedule, courses, and set their own rates. You control how to leverage your unique strengths to add value to our members.


We have students in many classrooms who are asking for paid tutoring and teaching across a wide range of subjects.


Our project based learning platform allows your students to showcase your work to the public so by helping our members succeed you help to accelerate your career.

5. Members ... the power of synthesized learning

WEquil.School provides all members with the tools and network to accelerate their education and careers. Students of all ages are free to use a wide range of services, virtual classroom, portals to higher-education, networks of professional and others that share your interests, and a platform to help you graduate, build your skills, and market them to the world so you can get into better universities and career opportunities.