Accelerator Program

WEquil's Accelerator connects teacher's with WEquil.School members that wish to accelerator their success using our project based + self-directed learning platform. Teachers apply by telling us what classroom they want to serve and approach.

Apply Now

If you are interested in becoming a WEquil School Teacher contact us at

Why teach at WEquil School?


We let our teachers control their own schedule, courses, and set their own rates. You control how to leverage your unique strengths to add value to our members.


We have students in many classrooms who are asking for paid tutoring and teaching across a wide range of subjects.


Our project based learning platform allows your students to showcase your work to the public so by helping our members succeed you help to accelerate your career.

What to teach at WEquil School?

Our self-directed learning philosophy provides limitless potential to teach anything from anywhere in the world. We have demand right now for teachers that can accelerate students who want to build apps in Flutter, design with 3D printers, write research, create YouTube channels, apply for jobs, and get into college.

High Demand Subjects

Music Composition

At this week's demo day, students present their song that they've composed and discuss with our Guest Speaker James Fernando.

App Building

At this week's demo day, students present the apps that they've built in flutter, a programming language developed by Google.

More coming soon!